Frequently Asked Questions about the EDGE system

What is the EDGE number system?

The EDGE system is a fully automated national team roping handicap rating system. As you compete your handicap will rise and fall based on your performance history alone.

How is the EDGE system different from other rating systems?

Other systems assign ropers a handicap largely based on the opinion of producers and number committee members. Although they do use performance history and the ropers winning percentages they overrule that data based on opinion quite frequently. With the EDGE system, your number will be determined by how you have performed over the past several events and not on someone’s opinion.

What is the advantage to being rated on my performance vs. on someone’s opinion?

The EDGE system levels the playing field because everyone’s number is being determined in the exact same way.

How will I know if my number changes?

Shortly after every event you can check in to see if your performance affected your number in any way by visiting our website at

Can roping bad or good at one or two events change my handicap?

No, it takes doing well or doing poorly over several entries for your handicap to go up or down.

How will you collect all the ropers data to determine the performance history of each roper?

We have been providing roping event software to producers for over 25 years and we currently have over 500 producers across the United States using our roping event software. The data is collected from the events performed on our system software.

What about ropers that might try to rope poorly so their number goes down – ie. Sandbaggers?

Ropers that purposely rope bad to get their number lowered can do that under any number system. However, as mentioned before your EDGE handicaps are not determined over one or two events. Ropers that may want to sandbag would find it to be just as costly under the EDGE system as any other system.

How transparent is the EDGE system going to be?

Once you are an EDGE member you will have total access to all of your information we have on you including a trending graph.

What information will the producers have access to?

Producers will be able to update their roping software before every event to assure they have current handicap ratings on every EDGE member roper in our system.

What if I’m new to the roping world or have never been numbered?

As in the past, new comers will receive their initial handicap rating from the producer. After several entries the EDGE system will take over and determine if the handicap should go up or down based on the performance of the roper.

Why have you created a new number system. Aren’t there too many already?

We believe there is always room for improvement and our intention is not to be critical of the current way of handicapping ropers; it has been a huge positive for the sport. However, it’s really no longer practical with the ever increasing number of ropers to continue with the current methods. Simply put, the current methods usually only deal with the ropers that are complaining or receiving complaints. The EDGE system will track every roper every time they rope and will automatically adjust their number appropriately fairly and at the right time.

What if I have had health problems or my good horse dies?

The EDGE system doesn’t discriminate in any way based on age, gender, health or horsemanship. Your results will determine your ultimate handicap rating. If your health or your horse affects your success in the arena it will be evident in your results over time.

How many handicap numbers are in the EDGE number system and how do I know what I am?

You will have a "Handicap number" just like before from 1 to 10. You will also have a "trending number" that will range from 1 to 1000. These numbers are directly correlated with each other. For example: If you are a number 5 roper your "trending number" will range from 500-549. If you are a number 5+ your "trending number" will range from 550 to 599 and so forth. As you view your results your "trending number" will go up or down after each event. However, the only time your actual handicap will change is if your "historical average" trending line crosses over the 50 point threshold of another number. As long as your "historical average" trending line is in the 50 point range your handicap will remain the same.